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Composed at the shores of Yankee Lake in Upstate New York, this song pays tribute to the multi-generational sharing of a vacation home on the lake. Feel those porch swings swaying in the wind on a sunny hot day at Yankee Lake.

2020 Lament (away, away)

Contagious Carrie

In the year 2020, most people felt like just getting away. Lock downs, restrictions, confusion, fear and political turmoil, were some of the predominant  elements. However, people made the best of it.

Contagious Carrie is a parody on Covid 19. The serious of Corona is not lost on us, but humor can help put things into perspective.

Leaving Zombie Land

I'll Be There

Rainbows and Rain

Crazy Train

This is song 3 of our trilogy! Knowing that 2021 will be better than a bunch of Zombies from 2020!!!

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