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"Create yourself new everyday"

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Remerge Band is made up of two cosmically connected women born under the same sign of Pisces. Melody Stuart and Tia Green’s music reflects the creativity, whimsy and magical qualities of those who are in tune with the vibrations of the Universe. When two Pisces people put their heads and hearts together musically you get a sound that can be described as coming directly from the heavens. Remerge Band has that sound. 

Melody and Tia both come from musical families that instilled a love and appreciation for music that has never left them. Melody took that love over the years and became an accomplished singer/songwriter with many accolades for performing and publishing her own original music. She also managed and promoted young musicians helping them to make their mark in the music world. She has introduced music to many, young and old, through her unique method of teaching.  She is known for her selfless encouragement of others, guiding them into following their musical dreams.

Tia also kept the music theme alive in her life although in a very different way. She managed while raising a family and running a business to keep music woven into the fibers of her daily life. She would write song ideas in the margins of spreadsheets. She would pick up a guitar and strum a tune in the moment, or share a spontaneous song to any who would listen. She was leader of songs at her local church, conducted for a community choir, and supported music education through volunteer work. 

When Melody and Tia met at a jam session in their home town of Royal Palm Beach, Florida their hopes of finding a musical soul mate was fulfilled. They have managed to create a distinctive sound using a variety of guitars, alternate tunings and innovative harmonies both vocally and instrumentally.   


They have been guests on Michael Stock’s Folk and Acoustic Music show on NPR 91.3. They can be heard on independent radio stations around the world including Arzuk Radio, Rock on Neon Radio with Jay Goldberg, N1M, Women of Substance Radio and a one-on-one interview for "Just Chat wit Bri" on They even have their own stations on Pandora, Spotify and more. 

They can be seen performing in Savannah Georgia, New York City, Indiana, Nashville, Tennessee, Florida many local venues and house concerts.

So tune in and take a front seat with these talented ladies. Listen to them on  Pandora, Spotify and more.



Remerge means

REMERGE means to start ANEW. You are never too old to start something new that you love to do! Remerge because this  MISSION is not impossible because the morning after you will be glad you accomplished something!!!    

Imagaine all the people living life in peace​ ...

Join us in an ongoing process of transformation. REMERGE IS THE NEW YOU!

Moments in time

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