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Hello everyone

Thanks for visiting our website!! Wanted to let you know we have spent more money in Promotions and releasing recording etc.... We know that is the business but we are hoping to sell music through our website so NO ONE ELSE gets a cut !! We only make 0.00002 per spin or less?? Idk anymore .... what a racket eh?? 😳🙄😂

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Power Station Recording Studio

Well hello it’s May 19th that’s the date we finish our song “Cherry Girl” we are excited to be able to finally get it done !!!! Until then more writing and creating going on !!! And just laying low !

Electric cello anyone

Well we have one coming to enhance our sound …..!!! This should be interesting !!! Still time down almost done with original song…. Pretty rocking if I do say so my self !!!! Name of the song u say??

Enjoying our time down

Want to say thank you for all those who enjoy Remerge Band music ! It would be really excellent if you could go to YouTube and subscribe to our channel. We have so many people listening to our music b


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