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Hey everyone we are on MeWe more

than FB please join us there !! You do not have to pay for your page at all! If you want to you can if not it is totally free. You just have to sign up and you will be able to see our page. No we get no money for suggesting MeW. It just happens to be a great and welcoming platform Musicians of Mewe

Mr Nose says "very welcoming!!"

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Electric cello anyone

Well we have one coming to enhance our sound …..!!! This should be interesting !!! Still time down almost done with original song…. Pretty rocking if I do say so my self !!!! Name of the song u say??

Enjoying our time down

Want to say thank you for all those who enjoy Remerge Band music ! It would be really excellent if you could go to YouTube and subscribe to our channel. We have so many people listening to our music b

Taking a break

After many months of demanding rehearsals and a show it is time for a Holiday..!!! We will be back when we're back with new songs and then some........ Cheers


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