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2020 LAmEnt (Away Away)

Updated: Jan 17, 2023

2020 LAmEnt (Away Away)


Pure Pop Perfection It’s been awhile since I was asked to do a review, and I was pleasantly surprised when the Remerge Band requested a review of their ditty “2020 LAmEnt (Away Away).” These two talented ladies have produced a pop masterpiece which overviews the year 2020. One would think that with this in mind, it would be a real downer of a song, but the very opposite is true. The song explodes from the speakers with the instrumental introduction, and at the perfect time the vocals begin. The first thing I heard was Siouxsie Sioux, very strong with bass-like undertones (and I swear I hear an English accent). The drums (I hear Roger Taylor from Duran Duran here - superb) are very strong and keep the song in time. As mentioned in other reviews, there is no major bass-line, but don’t get your knickers in a knot, “When Doves Cry” also had no bass-line, so when your following Prince’s principles, you’re doing okay in my book. I love the layered & compressed vocal on the stanzas, and then the double tracked voice on the very Bangles influenced chorus. Some other reviewers have heard the Go Go’s, but I think the song is much more along the complexity of the Bangles, although only in sound and production, and not Susanna Hoffs voice. I love the subtle bridge from the stanzas to the chorus. The construction of the song is nothing short of brilliant, and I love the additional bridge near the end, and the very subtle guitar solo. Other reviewers have heard 60’s in this tune, but I hear none of that, this uber positive song is purely a child of the 80’s, dripping with the influences of both the Beatles and Cheap Trick. For the length of the song at four minutes and twenty-seven seconds it moves very quickly and it’s over before you know it. The two major points in this song are the in-your-face vocals/mix/beat and then the subtle use of backing vocals and acoustic guitar. The ending of the song totally reminds me of both “Melancholy Rose” and “Ruby Red” by Marc Almond (Soft Cell) the way the song and vocals wind down. I also checked out the video on YouTube, and it’s a great accompaniment to the song. Well done. “2020 LAmEnt (Away Away)” is Top 40 ready, and is an excellent example of what the Remerge Band is capable of. These girls are headed to the future, and the future is now! 

 helpfulReviewed by Thom Ryerson Canada, Ontario, Woodstock

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